Abstract Shapes from Representational Imagery

February 10, 2009

If you are looking for ways to come up with unique geometric and organic shapes for your 105 problems, try looking to representational imagery as a means to create compelling abstract shape relationships.

Check  out these examples of how you can take a representational illustration of a butterfly and abstract it into various shape and/or line relationships.




One Way to Abstract Representational Images…

Find a photograph (or other image) that has a variety of interesting shapes. For a hands on approach, lay tracing paper over the top of the photograph and draw different shapes that you see in the image. Or, at the computer, copy the image into Illustrator and use the pen and/or pencil tool to trace shapes on top of the original image.







Organic images can lead to geometric shapes, too (and vice versa)…



Use your found shapes as they are, or use these methods to come up with starter shapes that can be further modified for your 105 compositions. Happy shape making!

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